The 18 Varieties (Part 3)


Continuing on with my review of the 18 varieties of hot cocoa in the sample pack I ordered, today I will be telling you all about Bosco’s Salted Caramel flavor.  I have been aware of the Bosco chocolate company since I was a kid.  The first time I heard of it was on the now famous Seinfeld episode where it was revealed “Bosco” was George’s ATM password.  What I am ashamed to admit is that I have never tried the brand in any way before tasting this flavor of cocoa.

How is this possible?  Honestly, I have never seen it sold in any of my local grocery stores.  Bosco is most notable for its chocolate syrup product.  While growing up, if there was a need for chocolate syrup, my family usually purchase Hershey’s and, on rare occasion, a store brand of syrup.  Even after I struck out on my own and began buying my own groceries, Bosco was nowhere to be found.  I cannot ever recall even hearing an advertisement for the brand.

With this lack of experience, I prepared to drink their hot cocoa with an open mind.  Again, they are enough of a name brand that I recognized them, so I was more optimistic than cautious.  Now, this is also the first cup of the sample pack that I used the 8oz setting for the Keurig.  Even before I tasted the cocoa, I could tell this was meant to be the optimum setting as the end of the water stream was not clear like it had been at the previous higher settings, but still mildly brown.  This indicated the cup would most likely not be watered down.

As soon as the Keurig was finished making the cup I was already pleased.  The cup was easily 2 feet beneath my nose on the low table the Keurig was set on and I could already smell distinct aroma of caramel.  The color of the cocoa was slightly darker than I expected.  Not having much of a reference point for salted caramel flavored hot chocolate, I did expect it to be on the lighter side of color, close to caramel.  The liquid in the cup was not very dark, but closer to a dark brown one would usually associate with cocoa.

I picked up the cup and brought it to my mouth.  The caramel smell did not fade.  I took the first sip and was very pleased.  The texture was smooth and the caramel taste was definitely present.  Perhaps the most important attribute to note was that the caramel flavor did not overpower the cocoa.  They blended well together.  The tastes were consistent throughout the entire cup.  I was initially met with chocolate and then a light taste of caramel as an after-taste.

This was a fine cup of hot cocoa and a wonderful first experience with Bosco.  I look forward to not only tasting the rest of Bosco’s flavors in the sample pack, but completing a new quest to find Bosco syrup and taste that as well.

Drink warmly,

The Cocoa Nut