Welcome Back!

Welcome back (both to you and me)! I will not bore you with the reasons why I went on a long and unannounced hiatus, but it is over and the Cocoa Nut is back to reviewing and discussing all things related to hot cocoa.

Fall is upon us and the mornings are getting chilly. I have never been one for coffee or tea, so in what is probably a predictable turn of events, I made a cup of cocoa the other day. For me, it is a slow and relaxing process. I heated the milk in a small pot while continuously whisking it until it was warm and frothy. I used an instant cocoa packet from a box in the cabinet. I used the whisk to mix in the powder and then poured it into the mug.

It was not until I sat at my desk and prepared for work that I had the first sip. I was immediately transported back to last winter when world events were not so hectic. That is the magic of coca to me. It is something that begs for reminiscing and nostalgia. The more I enjoyed my beverage the farther back in time I slipped until I was once again 5yrs old watching my grandfather prepare a cup of cocoa for me. He was the one who taught me to insist the beverage be made with milk and sparked my appreciation for the drink.

During this pre-work relaxation period I began to think about this blog. Disappointment and self-nagging led me down a path to return to sharing my thoughts with the world. I have some new recipes, methods, and products to explore and share with you. I look forward to doing so.

Drink warmly,

The Cocoa Nut

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