The 18 Varieties (Part 2)


To recap for those that may not have read my previous post on the subject, I am in the process of reviewing 18 varieties of hot cocoa from a sample pack I purchased online.  Today’s flavor Peanut Butter Cup by Brooklyn Bean Roastery.

Brooklyn Bean Roastery is another brand of hot cocoa I was unfamiliar with before I received my sampler.  This might be because they primarily sell coffee, with a specialty focus in single servings for Keurig machines.  I was cautious when tasting this brand’s cocoa for the first time.  There is a long held belief in the world that the flavor of coffee enhances the flavor of chocolate.  I hoped Brooklyn did not incorporate coffee flavor in their cocoa.

The concept of peanut butter cup flavored cocoa appealed to me immediately.  One of my favorite chocolate candies is the peanut butter cup.  It is normally the first item I look for when entering any candy store, especially the little mom and pop shops you often find in vacation towns and tourist destinations.  

This was my second time using the Keurig to make hot chocolate.  My previous attempt set the device to dispense a 12oz serving.  This produced a watered down cup of hot cocoa.  I decided to go with a 10oz serving for this round.  The results were a slight improvement.

The 10oz serving from the Keurig did produce a less watered down cup of cocoa, but it still was not concentrated enough.  The peanut butter flavor I was looking forward to was just not there.  It was faint at best.  This could have been due to the 10oz of water, but I am hesitant to believe what should have been a prominent flavor could have been diluted so significantly.  

On the other hand, the chocolate flavor was fairly decent.  It was an average taste for a cup of powdered cocoa.  I was incredibly please to not detect any notes of coffee in the cocoa.  I tip my cap to Brooklyn Bean Roastery for keeping these flavors separate.  I am very interested to see if the flavor and intensity is improved any when I lower the water level to 8oz.


Drink warmly,

The Cocoa Nut

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